Since 2010, the S.T.A.R. Chapter Foundation has committed to over $200,000 in scholarships. These scholarships have supported high school graduates from the Cincinnati area as they have gone on to pursue their education at some of the best colleges and universities around the country. Scholars have gone on to attend Carnegie Mellon, Howard University, Morehouse University, The Ohio State University, Miami University and the University of Cincinnati among many others.

Our impact goes beyond these scholarships however; we take great pride in creating a scholarship program that helps our scholars extend their network and participate in service activities along the way.

Scholars have volunteered at the Queen City Kitchen in Walnut Hills helping to prepare and service meals for those who needed to utilize this service.

Scholars have also participated in health initiatives promoting a healthy lifestyle in our community first through weekly walks at local parks.

And also through a partnership with the Center For Closing the Health Gap where our scholars make their impact on the community helping to set-up and execute this major event held in downtown Cincinnati at Washington Park.

Finally, we pride ourselves on making the Rising STARs Scholarship program different by maintaining a relationship with our scholars even after they go off and start on their collegiate journey. We want to stay connected to them and ensure they know there is a support system in place for anything they may need along the way. We host an annual holiday lunch for scholars to come check-in after their first semester and share how things are going during their new phase of life.